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 Smart Mark Video's "What's Up" for September 21, 2

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PostSubject: Smart Mark Video's "What's Up" for September 21, 2   Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:36 am

Quote :
***We currently are having troubles accepting credit cards from our
international customers. We are trying feverishly to fix this, but in the
meantime we recommend trying to pay via PayPal. And don't worry, if you
have been having troubles with paying via credit card you will NOT be
charged. We are still able to accept credit cards from our U.S

Yup boys and girls, it's that time again: a sale! This month we
celebrate the birthday of the Ice Cream Cone! It's the same deal as usual...
buy 4 or more titles and you save 25% off your entire order. Not bad,
eh? This sale, like last months, is Friday and Saturday ONLY! It ends at
11:59PM eastern time on Saturday, so don't miss out! This is the
perfect chance to catch up on the past summers huge events if you haven't

We've got some big things coming up, some HUGE site improvements and
all sorts of other goodies so be on the look out for that. We are always
trying to make a better shopping experience for our customers because
you guys allow us to keep doing what we love. We really appreciate it,
and we're so fortunate to have the support of some of the most loyal
wrestling fans in the World. Without you we wouldn't be here, so thank you
for all the support. It's not said enough: you guys rule! If you have
any suggestions go to
and let us know. We love to hear suggestions, feedback and even just
messages saying hello. We read everything, and try to respond to every
email, so try it out!

Also check out the latest videos on YouTube. Right now we've got two
teasers for the upcoming Future Wrestling Alliance DVD set coming out.
We'll have more on what the FWA was as it's release grows closer, but
check it out now to get just a little taste at

We got some new releases too for you all to check out! We got the
original "Sweet Science 16" on DVD, the last two MAW shows and this years
"Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show". Here's all the info:

WA-MS DVD September 8 & 9, 2000 "Sweet Science 16 2000" - Charlestown,
This is the original Sweet Science from 2000 that eventually became the
Ted Petty Invitational. This show features 16 competitors in addition
with some hardcore matches.
Night 1:
1. American Kickboxer vs. Breyer Wellington
2. Chris Hero vs. Colt Cabana
3. Orion vs. Hy-Zaya
4. Shark Boy vs. Ace Steel
5. BJ Whitmer vs. Chip Fairway
6. Gavin Starr vs. Harry Palmer
7. CM Punk vs. Paul E. Smooth
8. Suicide Kid vs. Super Hentai
9. Blaze vs. Delilah Starr - Thumbtack Match
10. Cash Flo vs. Mean Mitch Page - No Rope Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks &
Night 2:
1. Chris Hero vs. American Kickboxer
2. Ian Rotten Interview
3. Ace Steel vs. Hy-Zaya
4. Chip Fairway vs. Harry Palmer
5. Suicide Kid vs. CM Punk
6. Paul E. Smooth vs. Breyer Wellington
7. Ace Steel vs. Chris Hero
8. Suicide Kid vs. Harry Palmer
9. Harry Palmer vs. Chris Hero
10. Ian & Axl Rotten vs. Corporal Robinson & Hardcore Craig - Barbed
Wire, Glass, Lighttubes
Price: $20.00

MAW DVD May 5 & 27, 2007 - Milwaukee, WI
This show features the last two events from MAW before finally closing
its doors after 14 years. The 14th Anniversary show includes Tiger Mask
MAW DVD May 5, 2007 "14th Anniversary Show" - Milwaukee, WI
1. Ariya Daivari vs. Jaysin Strife
2. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Jeff Bennett
3. Vic Rauter vs. The Ninja
4. Esteban Molina, Dysfunction & Silas Young vs. Jason Hades, Troy
Walters & MsChif
5. Dysfunction vs. Silas Young
6. Jason Dukes vs. Tiger Mask
7. First Blood Lumber Jack Strap Match - Skullkrusher vs. Jay Ryan

MAW DVD May 27, 2007 "The Last Dance" - Milwaukee, WI
1. Justin Dredd vs. Esteban Molina
2. Ariya Daivari vs. Jason Dukes
3. Frank DeFalco, Derek St. Holmes & Damian Kass vs. Vic Rauter, The
Mauler & Steve Jordan
4. Ian Rotten vs. Hardcore Craig
5. Mickie Knuckles vs. Bobby
6. Silas Young vs. Dysfunction w/ Special Guest Ref: Austin Aries
7. Skullkrusher vs. Brandon Thomaselli
Price: $20.00

CZW DVD September 8, 2007 "2007 Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Show" -
Philadelphia, PA
1. Tribute to Chri$ Ca$h
2. Joe Gacy vs. Alex Colon vs. LJ Cruz
3. Brodie Lee & Cheech vs. GQ & Jon Dahmer
4. Niles Young Interview
5. Cloudy vs. Diehard Dustin Lee
6. Dog Collar Match - DJ Hyde vs. Toby Klein
7. BLK OUT vs. Niles Young & Derek Frazier vs. Team AnDrew
8. Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Battle Royal
9. Nicky Benz Show
10. Ultraviolent Ladder Match: Drake Younger vs. Joker vs. Danny Havoc
vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. Diehard Dustin Lee
Price: $20.00

That's about it for now, make sure to check out
for all the latest releases!

Upcoming Events

9/22 - Chikara - Philadelphia, PA
Go to for more information

9/28 - IWA Mid-South - Midlothian, IL
Ted Petty Invitational Night 1 - Go to for
more information

9/29 - IWA Mid-South - Midlothian, IL
Ted Petty Invitational Night 2 - Go to for
more information

Thank you all and as always please check out our website at
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Smart Mark Video's "What's Up" for September 21, 2
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