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 DWF "Rise of the Phoenix" 7-28-07 In Bellmawr, NJ

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PostSubject: DWF "Rise of the Phoenix" 7-28-07 In Bellmawr, NJ   Sat Jun 30, 2007 11:23 am

DWF "Rise of the Phoenix" 7-28-07 In Bellmawr, NJ

Devastation Wrestling Federation
In association with Over the Top Promotions
Proudly Presents
Rise of the Phoenix
Saturday July 28th
At Sports Central
300 Benigno Blvd.
Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Already Signed:

DWF Heavyweight Title Match
"Latin Attraction" Angel Gonzalez will take on "the Sultan of Bling" Sheik Shiel Ali and one wrestler yet to be determined in a Triangle Match

*The champion must be starting to feel the pressure of holding the most important title in the DWF.. He has noticed that a lot of people he thought were his friends have recently been making inquiries to the DWF officials about receiving title shots at the champ.. Sensing that he can't trust many people he has surrounded him self with only his closest allies.. There has also been a noticeable increase of aggression for the young champion.. Has he let paranoia set in or is this nasty attitude adjustment just a direct result of his natural instincts for survival and to remain champion.. Either way this has made Angel even harder to knock off the top of the DWF mountain.. To make sure the fans of the DWF and other wrestling fans who will be coming to see the DWF for the first time at Sports Central in Bellmawr, NJ have a title match worthy of this new building the DWF Board of Directors and GM Atticus Rheighns signed the "Latin Attraction" to defend his coveted DWF Championship in a Triangle Match against his bitter enemy Sheik Shiel Ali and one other top flight wrestlers yet to be determined.. No Mater who the BOD and GM pick, I know Angel will be up for the Challenge..

If that was not enough, Another HUGE match has been signed for our debut in Bellmawr, NJ. If you remember at the last show there was an 8 person DWF Cruiserweight Championship match that blew the roof off of the Powerhouse Gym.. That match, widely considered the best match ever in the DWF, has been talked about ever since that event.. Always looking to give the fans the very best action possible the DWF has signed a brand new match for the Cruiserweight Title.. The match is know as Cruiserweight Countdown.. We take seven of the hottest cruiserweights in the DWF, 2 start of one on one in the ring, after 60 seconds a new cruiserweight comes in, then 60 seconds later another Cruiserweight comes in until all seven are in.. Once all 7 are in the original two stay inside the ring ate the others take a corner.. The match then becomes a elimination match where any wrestler can tag any one.. It continues until one wrestler remains and that wrestler will be the Cruiserweight Champion.. Here are all seven wrestlers signed for the match

Jackyl w/ Roxie Cotton - DWF Cruiserweight Champion
Crazii Shea - Former DWF Champion
KIDD - Former DWF Champion
The Arrogant One (A-1)
Johnny Fearless
Chris Envy
"Mr.Kama Sutra" Lucky Pierre

This match will be amazing and just may be the best match in DWF History

If that is not enough we now will announce another title match.. This one is for the DWF Tag Team Championship.. Now we know that the DWF Tag Team Champions are the Gemini Trojans and they will obviously defend those titles but against who? Unfortunately it won't be against number one contenders Hard Candy.. Zac Conner and Bazooka Joe have a previous commitment and are unable to make this show so they forfeited their number one contendership.. To make up for the number one contenders not being in the match, the DWF board of directors has replaced them with three of the top tag teams in the Devastation Wrestling Federation. So on Saturday, July the 28th the Gemini Trojans will defend their beloved DWF Tag Team Titles against former NWA United States Tag Team Champions the Lost Boyz ( Yar & Wolfe ), The Downward Spiral ( Twiggy Ramirez & Problem Child ) and the Board of Education ( Steve the Teacher & the "Modern Day Enforcer" Erik Cooper)... When DWF GM Atticus Rheighns was ask about this, here is what he had to say "My self the the DWF Board of Directors wanted to make up for the popular team of Hard Candy not being there so we upped the anti if you will by having 4 of the best tag teams in the DWF go at it all at once. We in the Devastation Wrestling Federation want to bring back the excitement and glory of tag team wrestling and this match will be just what fans of tag team wrestling need... I care about the fans and want to give them their moneys worth and more. If any fan thought tag team wrestling was dead needs to be at the Sportz Central on Saturday, July the 28th to watch tag team wrestling rise from the ashes like the Phoenix of legend"

Speaking of our General Manager Atticus Rheighns he has received a package containing a neck brace with a note attached that says "Your soul will be mine" Noting is known abut who sent the package other then it came from Maryland.. We will let you know more about this as the story develops

Have you ever heard of a grudge match between two close friends?.. Well here in the DWF we are going to provide you with just that. For years the "Madman from the Badlands" Glen Osborne and the "Dragon of Edinburgh" Bobby Piper have been beating the holy hell out of each other up and down the North East. This has led to many broken bones, many blackened eyes, much loss of blood and most of all some of the most hard hitting action the world of professional wrestling has ever seen... What this epic war also produces is a respect and friendship between these two gladiators. They promised to never wrestle each other again for fear that the toll this struggle has taken on their bodies will shorten their careers ( if it has not already ).. Since those matches have been put to a stop Piper and Osborne have not only become training partners but they also became best of friends... One July 28th this cease fire between Osborne and Piper will come to an end. You will once again see brutal matches that legends are made of.. In Bellmawr, New Jersey best friends will become better enemies and the fans of the DWF will be the ones who will reap the rewards.. You ask what would make them give up their hard earned friendship? Well the winner of this match will be the number one contender for the DWF Jersey State title currently held by Vinny the Fixxer... Both men have unfinished business with Vinny and even more of a motivator is both men want to hold that prestigious DWF Jersey State Title.. Either way this match won't be for the weak of heart...

Also Signed so far for this show:
DWF Jersey State Champion Vinny the Fixxer
Paul E. Normous
Danny "The Puerto Rican Bad Boy" Pagan
"The Lone Wolf" Evan Myers
Brian Harley
Frankie Frizzo
DWF General Manager Atticus Rheighns
Shannon Hunter
Referee Spanky 1 2 3
Referee Bryan Copeland
Doc Diamond
And Many More

Tickets will be front row $12 in advance ($15 at the door)
General Admission will be $10 in Advance ($12 at the door and GA Tickets will be first come first serve) Ticket ordering information will be announced next week..

For More information check us out at the following locations:

Message Forum:

Also Check out Sports Central at

Stay Tuned for updates on this amazing show!!!
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DWF "Rise of the Phoenix" 7-28-07 In Bellmawr, NJ
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