4/19/08 - The End, for us atleast.
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 PWU Haunted Results

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PostSubject: PWU Haunted Results   Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:05 am

- The event opened up with Tod Gordon calling out the entire locker room. He explained that they were at war and if anyone did not want any parts of it they are to leave. Devon Moore walked out. He then stated that both ZBARR and John McChesney had to defend their titles so they could not be in the Main Event. With that Tod Gordon takes the troops to the back to strategize.

- Chris Ansert def. Angel Gonzalez with foot on the the ropes.
**NOTE: "The Insurgence" entered the building and interrupted the match.

- The Blue Meanie def. Larry Winters

- Power Surge TV Championship:
ZBARR issued and open challenge and it was accepted by Trent Acid. ZBARR retains TV Championship via TV Time Limit expiring. After the match, ZBARR and Trent Acid are good sports and shake each other's hand.

- Sara Del Rey & Cindy Rogers def. Amy Lee (c) & Mercedes Martinez after Amy Lee accidentally tackles Martinez. After the match Mercedes goes to attack Amy but is stopped by Dr. Don Bootz. As Dr. Don celebrates, he sprays mace in the eyes of Amy Lee and helps Mercedes Martinez attack Amy Lee!

- Devon Moore def. Drew Blood

- Tag Team Championship Match:
All Money Is Legal def. The Best Around & The New Jersey Allstars

- World Championship:
Sterling James Keenan def. John McChensey via DQ after a masked man broke up SJK's anaconda vice. The masked man then attack McChesney

- Main Event:
Adam Flash denounce Kashmere saying that he will not be apart of what they built.

Adam Flash & The S.A.T. def. Trent Acid, Aramis, and Teddy Fine

Luke Hawx unmasked to reveal himself as the 4th member of Team Flash. ZBARR then shocked the crowd when he turned on PWU and joined the Flash Family. Finally it was Tod Gordon's number "TOO" plan... Too Cold Scorpio came out to clear house.

Next Event: Cuffed + Cage 2 on April 19th at 7:30 PM at the New Alhambra Arena.
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PostSubject: Re: PWU Haunted Results   Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:02 pm

This was my first PWU event and for the most part I enjoyed it.

- Tod asking who wanted to be on Team PWU at the begining was a good way to start off the show. Devon walking off played into his character well. It was sort of random not letting McChesney on Team PWU. We also saw ZBarr's first turn of the night here.

- Ansert/Gonzalez was OK. Nothing special.

- Meanie/Winters was OK too. I guess it sets up Winters' eventual stable.

- ZBarr/Acid. Not good at all. I don't know if Acid was stoned, but the match they had a few months ago smoked this. That match was ***1/4. This was maybe 1/2*. ZBarr was back heel in this match, and then face again by the end. Weird. Three turns in one night for ZBarr so far.

- Womens Tag Match was less than what I expected, but still a good match. Mercedes and Dr. Don Bootz turn was a suprise and I guess will be explained on the Power Surge stuff. **1/2

- Moore/Drew Blood. Was very tight. I don't think anyone though Blood was going to win, but still a good match. ***

- AMIL/NJ Allstars/TBA. Great match! Sloppy in the beginning, but it picked up in the middle. All 3 of these teams put on a show. ***1/4

- McChesney/Keenan. It didn't make sense that Keenan would just let that Masked Guy attack him, and walk away. It made him look weak. The match was very good and on it's way to being something special until the lackluster ending. A hot match between Keenan/McChesney would have done more for Keenan than winning by DQ, and letting a Masked Guy punk him out. Good match, bad booking. *** (would be higher if the ending wouldn't have sucked.)

- 6-Man. Does anyone know where Eddie Kingston was or Johnny Kashmere? A fun tag match, I haven't seen any of Luke Hawx PWU stuff, but I enjoyed him in WSX. Scorpio was a nice suprise, and ZBarr turned for the fourth time of the night. Best match of the show, ***1/2.

OVERALL SHOW: 6 out of 10. Good show.

Side notes:

- PWU has a great roster. I still need to check out a CZW for the first time in a few years, but I enjoyed everyone on the PWU card in some way.

- Not letting the fans know in advance Kingston wasn't there was bullshit, and bothered me.

- Only one match on the show had a clean finish. I've noticed that on the Power Surges too. It get's annoying. Did you really need the opening match having a wrestler use the ropes for leverage to win?

- Sterling James Keenan comes across as star. I hope he's involved in this Masked Wrestler/McChesney thing, or else him letting the Masked Wrestler attack McChesney was a total waste of time.

- It set the stage for his final turn well, but ZBarr turned too many times during the show. Also, turning Dr. Don and Mercedes took away from his turns. Too many turns on one show, just like too many screwjobs finishes.

- I picked up a few DVDs at the show. I'll have reviews up soon for them.
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PostSubject: Re: PWU Haunted Results   Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:28 am

I didn't even remember that PWU had a show this past weekend until Sunday night. Odd because the advertising for it had been in my face constantly. Stupid me!

Anyway, reading the results, it sounds like it was a great show. They pulled the stops with everybody they brought in, even with the absence of Kingston. (I heard something about Kashmere wanting no part in the Flash vision.) However, the fact that I forgot the show makes me think that something else was missing - that certain "it factor." It seems like there should've been just a tad more going into C&C2. You shouldn't normally have fluff events leading up to a big show - that's what TNA does.

Side note reactions:

-Yes, definitely must have more clean finishes, but let's wait and see how it looks on PSTV.

-ZBarr is cool and can get away with anything. On that note, what do you expect from Trent Acid?

-Keenan does deserve better, but remember what Kingston said about wrestling in PWU being about fun and no pressure. By the way, does Keenan still use the MK Ultra?
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Nickels Trivia Unplugged jobber

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PostSubject: Re: PWU Haunted Results   Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:52 am

That's it! The show was lacking because Red got bumped.
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PostSubject: Re: PWU Haunted Results   

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PWU Haunted Results
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