4/19/08 - The End, for us atleast.
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 Offical WSU 3/8 Results/Report & News:Kong/Dawn/Missy/

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PostSubject: Offical WSU 3/8 Results/Report & News:Kong/Dawn/Missy/   Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:37 pm

Official WSU 3/8 "First Anniversary Show" Results
From Lake Hiawatha, NJ
Refs: Matt Bennett, Daryl Lankford & Ref Tony
Commentators for DVD Release: Sean Hanson & Missy Hyatt
Ring Announcer: Destiny
Attendance: 125+

Show 1

Roxxy Cotton & Rick Cataldo, two WSU stars without a win in WSU, came out to announce their new formed alliance. Roxxie Cotton has taken Rick Cataldo under her wing, as Cataldo known for his eccentric lifestyle, said he can help "The Mall Queen" Roxxie Cotton during her numerous shopping sprees at the mall. Roxxie & Cataldo talked about how as a team, they could finally earn their first win in WSU. They put out an open challenge to anyone, despite the loud "SHUT THE F- UP" chants. The challenge was immediately answered by TNA Knockout & NWA Womens Champion, Awesome Kong!

Awesome Kong d. Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton
Kong won the match in less than a minute, with a thunderous ovation during her time in the ring.
POSTMATCH: Several referees tried to stop Kong from unleashing more carnage, only to be destroyed by spinning backfists.

"The Soul Sister" Jana d. Annie Social
In hard-fought match up, the ever charismatic Jana was able to defeat Annie Social. Social's won-loss record is still looking for its first win.
POSTMATCH: Due to frustration, Annie Social attacked Jana from behind. However, the returning LUSCIOUS LATASHA ran out to save her Soul Sister partner. The Soul Sisters are now back full-time in WSU!

Nikki Roxx d. Co-Number 1 Contender to the WSU Title, "The Definition of Technician" Cindy Rogers
In a rematch of the 12/22 show, Nikki Roxx was able to even the score at one win a piece. This was another classic technical match for WSU, as these two put it all on the line. Nikki Roxx, sporting more of an attitude than usual, picked up what seemingly looked like a fluke win over the savvy Rogers. In promos that will be released on the DVD version of the show, Nikki Roxx made her plans known- to become the next WSU Womens Champion. By defeating Cindy Rogers here, and by having a win over the other co-number 1 contender Alexa Thatcher from the 7/14 event, Nikki Roxx is making her case strong, in her quest for a WSU title shot. Despite her loss here, Cindy remains number 1 contender, based on her three draws with Alexa Thatcher.

Former WSU Sr. Official now turned wrestler, Missy Sampson came out. Missy Sampson explained that due to recent emergency surgery, she is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Amy Lee, her tag partner, scheduled for the extremely personal tag match against Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini understood Missy's situation. However, before Missy could finish talking, Mercedes & Angel came out to jump the gun, against the defenseless Missy Sampson, thinking they had a 2 on 1 advantage for their tag match. However, Missy was able to announce that even though she couldn't wrestle, she found a partner for Lee, and out came AWESOME KONG!

Amy Lee & Awesome Kong w/Missy Sampson d. Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini
In one of the more heated matches of the evening, Amy Lee was finally able to get her revenge over Mercedes & Angel. This feud, which was started when Martinez & Angel revealed themselves as the duo that took out Amy's ex-tag partner Luna Vachon and taking credit for Luna's retirement, came to a thrilling climax when Kong was able to lay out Angel, leading to Amy Lee picking up the pinfall!
POSTMATCH: Kong, thinking that Amy stole the victory away from her, went to give a spinning backfist to Kong, only for Amy to get out of the way. Missy Sampson and WSU officials broke up a possible physical altercation. Amy Lee made it clear that she now wanted Kong in an Amy Lee Rules match, which means there are no rules!

"The First Lady of Wrestling" also known as "The Walking Riot" Missy Hyatt came out for another edition of Missy's Manor. Missy introduced third generation star, Lacey Von Erich. After reminiscing about WCCW and talking about the Von Erich name, Lacey made it known that even though she was Missy's guest, it would be an honor for to have the First Lady of Wrestling in her corner for her first match ever in WSU! Missy graciously accepted the offer, and an open challenge was made for the second show of the evening, pitting Lacey Von Erich w/Missy Hyatt against anyone daring to step up!

In The Main Event
Co-Number 1 Contender Alexa Thatcher d. Alere Little Feather
PREMATCH: Alexa Thatcher told the crowd that her opponent, Becky Bayless was not in the building tonight. The weather, which hampered some of the show (check Post-Show notes), affected Becky's arrival. However, with everyone else in the building, Alexa made it known that she knows Becky was ducking her, as Becky hasn't been around Alexa in three months, ever since Becky laid out Alexa Thacher, costing Alexa the WSU Championship during Alicia's final title defense. Alexa then said she was here to wrestle tonight and challenged anyone in the back.

Alere Little Feather accepted the challenge, as she looked to climb up the WSU ladder. In what was one of the most hard fought matches of the night, ALF pushed Alexa to the limit, only for Alexa to pick up the win.

POSTMATCH: Nikki Roxx, still on her rampage to become WSU Champion, attacked Alexa Thatcher. Cindy Rogers came out to chase Nikki out of the ring, in a noble manner to show respect & appreciation for her co-number 1 contender. Alexa Thatcher said that both Cindy and her were tired of Nikki and challenged Nikki to a tag match with Nikki having the option of chosing her own partner. However, to make sure there was no tomfoolery for the tag match, Alexa introduced a special guest referee for the tag match, former WWE/ECW star, Dawn Marie! Dawn Marie made it clear that she would call the match down the middle and that Nikki wouldn't be able to pull any stunts!

After a long intermission, where fans were able to meet & greet the WSU roster, WSU returned for the second DVD taping of WSU's First Anniversary Show!

Show 2

Mercedes Martinez d. Mickie Knuckles
Many called this the best technical and most "stiffest" match of the night, as both killed each other here, rifling each other with chops that echoed throughout the building. In a long match, Mercedes was able to pick up the clean pinfall victory. However, Mickie earned the respect of everyone in the crowd and got an ovation during her way to the back. Due to fan response and replies on the WSU Questionaire that was handed out to fans before the show, WSU is happy to announce that Mickie Knuckles will be asked to return on future WSU events.

Alexa Thatcher & Cindy Rogers d. Nikki Roxx & Alere Little Feather
Special Guest Referee: Dawn Marie
In a match pitting the two number 1 contenders on the same side, Cindy & Alexa were able to turn back Nikki Roxx. Nikki Roxx, who couldn't find anyone who wanted to team with her, nor get involved in her problems with Alexa, Cindy & now Dawn Marie, begrudgingly accepted Alere as her partner, as Alere made it clear that she was only participating in the match to help get some exposure in the WSU Title Scene.

Nikki, who didn't respect Alere for most of the match, as she booted Alere across the ring at one point, saw herself taste her own medicine, as Alere cost Nikki the match. Nikki, now having problems with Alere, Cindy & Dawn Marie, now is fuming at Alere Little Feather and made it known after the show that she wants a piece of everyone's favorite Drunken Indian. Alexa & Cindy celebrated the victory, as they get a day closer to their title shot for the WSU Championship, held currently by Tammy "Sunny" Sytch.

The Soul Sisters (Latasha & Jana) & Alere Little Feather d. Roxxie Cotton & Rick Cataldo & Annie Social in a Six Person Tag Match
Alere, pulling double-duty, fill of firewater, made it clear that she is here to seek justice and the (native) American way in WSU, and helped her Soul Sisters to victory in this match! This was a huge (and the first) 6 person match in WSU history and the crowd went nuts the entire match. The Soul Sisters were successful in return, as the newly formed trio of Roxxie/Rick/Annie remained defeated. In interviews filmed for the DVD, we found out that Roxxie has now recruited Annie for her new collection of misfits! With a mall queen, a fairy queen & the pissed off Annie Social in tow, who knows where these three will go! Lacey Von Erich w/Missy Hyatt d. Angel Orsini
Lacey, who wrestled the match barefoot in skimpy gear, might've bit off more than she could chew when the formidable Angel Orsini answered her challenge. Despite Angel carrying most of the match, Lacey, who had an assist from Missy Hyatt, was able to win the match after a Von Erich Iron Claw! This led to the victory for Lacey. This was a feel-good moment for the WSU crowd and for the Von Erich family. However, Angel made it known afterwards to that this was a fluke win, and vowed revenge on "any bitch stupid enough to get in my way."

Becky Bayless came out. Becky explained that she had to make the show from Texas, as she is a champion for ETW in Texas. Becky said she doesn't care about Alexa Thatcher and Alexa's will to get revenge on Becky. Becky said she's here to make money and to get as much exposure as possible, as was evident during the 12/22 "Sunny Side-Up" event. Becky Bayless said the biggest name here tonight is Dawn Marie, and she called out Dawn. Dawn Marie came out, and after a expletive laced exchange, Becky Bayless vs Dawn Marie was set up for the next WSU event! However, Dawn wanted to start the match now, but Becky Bayless cowardly ran to the back before Dawn could beat in some respect!

In The Main Event
In What Was The Most Barbaric Match in WSU History
Awesome Kong d. Amy Lee
To give this match justice, all we can say is GET THE DVD! These two beat the ever-living shit out of each other for nearly 20 minutes. Many weapons were broken. Garbage cans and bleachers were sacrificed. Both hit their finishers, only for the other competitor to escape a loss. However, after mangling guard rails, security guards and anything else in their way, Kong got the advantage when Amy was busted open after colliding with a chair.

A very bloody Amy Lee continued the match. However, Kong kept abusing Lee more and more, but Amy wouldn't give up. Eventually, Amy fell victim to a devastating single leg boston crab. Amy would not give up despite the referee advising her to. However, Amy eventually passed out from all the pain. With Amy Lee passed out, the ref awarded the win to Awesome Kong. This was Amy's most hard fought match yet, and with Kong now 3-0 in WSU, who will stop Kong? In a promo that will be on the DVD release, Amy made it clear that she was never beat, pinned or submited, and that she wants Kong one more time.

WSU would like to thank all the fans that braved the horrible weather. The weather was one of the worst days in 2008, and forced the advertised Angelina Love to not appear. Angelina Love will be on a future WSU show.

Becky Bayless was extremely late to the show, and showed up right before the last match of the second taping. Becky was late due to the weather as well as she had a late start getting to the show due to a personal issue. WSU apologizes to fans who came for the Becky/Alexa match. However, Alexa told WSU that while she is gunning for the WSU Championship, she has not forgotten about Becky at all and will get her revenge. With Dawn & Alexa in Becky's sights, not to mention the WSU Champion Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, Becky might want to be late to every show!

WSU was impressed with Kong & Mickie Knuckles and plans to have them on all upcoming events.

Luminaries in attendance, who wanted to catch the hottest womens wrestling today included: Steve Mack, JAPW Champion Kenny Omega, Danny Demanto, IWA Promoter Ian Rotten, Kevin Matthews, Vicious Vinny, Inferno, Don Johnson & many more.

WSU will be releasing both these DVDs soon. Look for ordering information on soon.

WSU is coordinating with other local area promoters for their next date, to ensure fans won't have to choose between 20 shows on the same day. WSU is targeting a late May or early June date.

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, the WSU Champion, was already booked for another show on 3/8, which is why she wasn't on the show. Tammy is expected to be back on future WSU events.

Alere Little Feather, the iron-woman of the event, was added less than 24 hours before the show. As previously mentioned, the weather was horrible. A show ALF was booked for, before WSU announced their 3/8 date, was cancelled. WSU happily added Alere Little Feather to the show, and ALF had a career night.

7-page programs & WSU questionnaires were distributed to the fans before the event. Many fans raved about the free programs.

All the wrestlers signed autogaphs and posed for pictures during intermission and after the show.

WSU is teaming up with NWS on 3/21 & 3/22 for two huge tournaments, as WSU/NWS will be presenting the 2nd Annual King & Queen Tournament & J-Cup tournaments respectively. Keep checking for more on those events, which include WSU Champion Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, Nikki Roxx, Alexa Thatcher, Mercedes Martinez & many more.

Make sure to check out the official WSU message board at: WSU Message Board to discuss WSU and other female promotions.

Again, WSU would like to thank all the fans that came out despite the terrible weather. The DVDs of the biggest WSU shows in history will be released soon!

Keep checking & for more!
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Offical WSU 3/8 Results/Report & News:Kong/Dawn/Missy/
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