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 ACPW March 8th Results-Loudy Get Beat Up By Krash Krew Again

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PostSubject: ACPW March 8th Results-Loudy Get Beat Up By Krash Krew Again   Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:31 am

American Championship Pro Wrestling had their 2008 debut Northeast Community Center show. 148 people braved the pouring rain and came out to watch an action packed show.

1. Rage continued his winning ways by defeating Mikey Raw w/D-Craze. Rage then laid out both of the East Side Bad Boys..

2. Kasket City Saints (Korpse & Core) defeated Bash & Dirt Bag Dan. Core than grabbed the mic and said that the KCS are looking for new recruits.

3. Bad Ass Marc defeated Franky Frizzo w/Vinny Hoffa by dq when Hoffa interrupted a pinfall attempt by Marc.

4. Cory Kastle defeated JT Roberts by dq to retain the ACPW Junior Heavyweight title. Core and Korpse hit the ring and attacked Kastle leaving him laid out. KCS then asked JT Roberts to join the KCS. Roberts accepted their offering.

5. The Latin Connection (El Monstro & Downtown Raphael) defeated Father Primus(J.W. Medina) & Tony Gambini. This was a chop fest. After the match was over, Raphael and Monstro decided to wax Primus's chest with masking tape.

Loudy then came out for his special live LoudSpace. He demanded an apology from Gemini & Patch. They came to the ring and started belittling Loudy. Onslaught came into the ring and demanded that they apologize to Loudy. Loudy was backed into the corner by Gemini and Patch. They then attacked him and rolled him out of the ring. Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil Rob), Eric Enders & Ian Cross then ran out and attcked Gemini and Patch, leading to a 4 on 2 match.

6. Gemini & Patch defeated Eric Enders, Ian Cross, Shaheem & Lil Rob

7. Kwame defeated Prodigy PTV to retain the ACPW Heavyweight titel.

8. The Himalayan Playas (Ron Starr & Dr. Ruthless) defeated The Gemini Trojans (Jeremy & Josh) & Mark Mest & Ed House in a triple threat tag team match.

9. Roxie Cotton defeated Rebecca Payne to retain the ACPW Womens title. Annie Social ran out and stunned Cotton. She then grabbed the ACPW Womens title and started to walk to the back with it. Gemini, Patch, and Kwame walked out and welcomed Annie Social back to the "Family".

10. Breaker Morant defeated Korpse to win the ACPW Internet TV title. Guilty Conscience then taped Korpse up to the ring ropes and beat him down.

Our next show is Saturday March 15th, 2008 at the Cardinal Krol Center located at 1799 Sproul Rd. in Springfield, PA

It will be a special 2pm belltime with the doors opening up at 1:30pm

On the show you will see

Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil Rob) vs Kasket City Saints (Korpse & Core) in a dog collar match!

In a match for the newly created ACPW Tri-State title, it will be D-Craze vs Vinny Hoffa vs Mikey Raw vs Helter Skelter!

Many more matches and ACPW superstars will be announced in the next few days.

For more information visit or dial 267-467-6687
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ACPW March 8th Results-Loudy Get Beat Up By Krash Krew Again
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