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 WSU 3/8: PWU Womens Champ AMY LEE vs AWESOME KONG!!!!!!

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PostSubject: WSU 3/8: PWU Womens Champ AMY LEE vs AWESOME KONG!!!!!!   Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:17 pm

There's also free DVD information at

3PM BELLTIME First Show, 5PM Belltime Second Show
87-A North Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ

New WSU News Update

To add to the huge WSU First Anniversary show this Saturday afternoon, WSU is happy to announce that MICKIE KNUCKLES will be joining the huge WSU birthday bash! With tons of the top names & talent in all of female wrestling, WSU on 3/8 is gearing up to be the biggest show of the weekend! To make things easier for fans, take note of WSU's special 3PM belltime, as WSU will be over with enough fans to attend other shows in the area.

Mickie Knuckles told WSU she's looking forward to taking on anyone in the WSU roster as she's looking to prove herself. This is a rare NJ appearance for Mickie Knuckles and Mickie is looking to earn a fulltime spot on the WSU roster. Will Mickie be successful? Find out on 3/8.

Dawn Marie. Awesome Kong. Angelina Love. Lacey Von Erich. Mickie Knuckles. 5 Huge debuts will take place this Saturday, not to mention the already stacked WSU roster with Mercedes Martinez, Missy Hyatt, Amy Lee, Cindy Rogers, Alexa Thatcher, Angel Orsini, Nikki Roxx, Becky Bayless & so much more! This could be the biggest female wrestling show of the year!

Tickets will be available at the door for $12. The $12 ticket gives you access to both shows WSU will be holding on 3/8.

The WSU roster will be signing autographs & taking pictures with fans for a nominal fee during intermission & after the second show. This is your perfect opportunity to meet & greet all your favorite WSU stars.

For any show related questions, email

Missy Hyatt Makes Major Announcement For Her Missy's Manor on 3/8: Lacey Von Erich Will Be In The House!!!

When you think of the great World Class Championship Wrestling you think the Von Erich's. Well what better way to introduce a Von Erich into WSU by having one of the original WCCW girls, Missy Hyatt, make the introduction!

That's right, for the first time ever, Lacey Von Erich will be in the northeast area! Many wrestlers have approached WSU offices already, looking to take Lacey out. One prominent wrestler told WSU that "Who cares if she's a Von Erich. She's living off a name that doesn't mean anything anymore! 3/8 will be her first and last WSU match!"

WSU is trying to calm the waves in the WSU locker room with this announcement but it seems that one wrestler is hellbent on ruining Lacey Von Erich's debut. With the controversial "First Lady of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt in the house, anything is bound to happen!

Lacey Von Erich. Dawn Marie. TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong. Angelina Love. All this & much more takes place on 3/8! Check out our last press release below for more!

One Year Anniversary has come and WSU is going to rock the house!

Women Superstars Uncensored returns on Saturday March 8th, 2008 for its biggest show to date. WSU has had a interesting first year and the future looks nothing but bright. You get hardcore brawls, technical wrestling, stiff shots, fast-paced action, and the sights of extraordinary ladies when you witness WSU live.

The first anniversary show will be held at the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. The address is 87-A North Beverwyck Road. As always WSU will tape two shows that day so fans will get double the action! As a special treat for the fans, WSU has changed the start time to 3 pm EST to accommodate the numerous recent shows that have been announced for later in the night. WSU is about the fans and we don’t want to cost the fans an opportunity to see wrestling live as much as they can.

Don’t forget in between both shows is a 30-45 minutes intermission where you get to meet all the WSU stars. Tickets are on sale now for $10! At the door they will be $12 so order now. For $10 you are getting to witness two amazing shows that are going to tear the house down. Here is what is in store for March 8th;

DAWN MARIE returns to wrestling!
Former ECW vixen, former WWE diva Dawn Marie returns to wrestling for the very first time on March 8th in WSU. Dawn has watched all the WSU tapes and likes what she sees. The only question is what does she have in store for WSU? We all know she has a historic past with the WSU Champion Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. What does Dawn have planned? Only one way to find out, and check out WSU on March 8th!

TNA Knockout Champion, Awesome Kong invades WSU!
You’ve seen her in various promotions such as NWA and Shimmer. More recently you’ve seen her kick ass on national television including recently main eventing and winning the TNA Knockout Championship. Yes readers, Awesome Kong is coming to WSU on Saturday March 8th! Kong will be in action on both shows. Kong, thru her interpreter, made it clear that she will destroy all challengers and no one can defeat her. Many wrestlers on the WSU roster are looking to make their name known and want to be the one to take out Kong. Who will step up to the plate on March 8th, during WSU's first DVD taping?

Kong’s second match has yet to be determined. Rumors have it that The Queen of Mean & Obscene, "Pryme-Tyme" Amy Lee wants Kong. Lee believes she’s the biggest and baddest bitch in WSU. She’s not going to let anyone take that claim without a fight. Meanwhile, Amy is in a heated feud along with Missy Sampson against Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini. Can she get past them to face Kong on the second show?

TNA Knockout, Angelina Love Debuts!
That’s right WSU is debuting another star on March 8th. No where else will you see a promotion debuting three big stars on the same night. Angelina Love has been entertaining fans in TNA with not only her beauty but with her wrestling skills. Now she will come to WSU to show that, and more! Her first opponent has been set and it is Philly’s own, Annie Social. Annie believes Angelina doesn’t deserve all the fame and spotlight she has gotten. She wants to hurt the face and body of Angelina. Meanwhile, Angelina says Annie is just jealous and will not able to defeat her.

Amy Lee & Missy Sampson vs. Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini, Must be a Winner
At the last show you saw Mercedes Martinez make her in-ring return in defeating Rick Cataldo and Roxxie Cotton with ease. Mercedes has returned to wrestling full time and ready to show why she was one of the best before her injury. Her partner, ECW original Angel Orsini just loves to kick ass and is glad to have her buddy back full time. Over the past several months we’ve seen Mercedes and Angel feud with Amy Lee. They took out and retired Amy’s satan sister Luna Vachon. They’ve beat up who they want and when they want. At the last show they attacked Alere Little Feather who is now out of action for the upcoming show. Lee is sick and tired of their antics and wants to do many obscene things to them that we can’t mention here. After Mercedes’ interference at the last show, Amy knew she had to find a new partner. That partner was revealed during the beat down, Missy Sampson! Missy is sick of sitting back and just being the referee. She wants to join long-time friend Amy Lee a nd teach Martinez and Orsini who’s boss. There’s only one way to put these four in a ring and it’s to make it No Holds Barred! We’ve seen two matches with Lee and Orsini that had to be thrown away. WSU has told all four there must be a winner in this match. Who will come out on top in this heated feud? Will Lee & Sampson get revenge or will Orsini & Martinez continue their dominance?

Revenge Match, Thatcher vs. Becky
At the last show Alexa Thatcher invoked her rematch clause to get her title shot against then champion Alicia. Alexa came very close to victory but out of nowhere, Becky Bayless came to shock everyone and hit Alexa with a chair to help her what we thought to be rival Alicia retain her belt. Becky not only gave Alexa a vicious chair shot but cost her first opportunity to be two-time champion. Becky revealed that she and Alicia had this planned all along and they are best friends. Becky wants to take over WSU just like Alicia did if not better and defeat all challengers. She tried being a fan favorite and it got her nowhere so she doesn’t care what the fans think anymore. To her is it’s all about fame and victories. Alexa, is currently the number one contender for the WSU title with Cindy Rogers. Her main goal is to get the Championship back but she finds revenge and her pride more important. Becky cost her the title and gave her a mild concussion. WSU has declared these two settle it in the ring so on March 8th it will be Becky Bayless versus Alexa Thatcher, one-on-one. Will Alexa get payback or will Becky follow in the footsteps of Alicia and defeat all?

Roxx/Rogers II Signed!
At “Last Woman Standing”, Alexa Thatcher and Cindy Rogers were able to choose each other’s opponents. Alexa chose TNA star Nikki Roxx to face Cindy. Roxx has defeated Thatcher previously at the Women’s Title Tournament back in July. Rogers welcomed the challenge and both ladies put on a heck of a match. But in the end, Rogers came out on top in a great match. Roxx says Rogers got the better of her that time but won’t be able to do that ever again. Roxx is able to beat Alexa and Rogers can’t so Roxx has been training and watching videotapes of all the matches. She also is demanding a title shot after defeating Jana and showing in previous matches what she can do. Rogers is the #1 contender after her most recent draw with Alexa Thatcher at the “Alicia Retirement Show”. She says she beat Roxx once, will do it again. The fans have requested and WSU has granted it. On March 8th the fans will see these two competitors go at it one more time! The WSU Championship committee is watch ing this match closely. Tune in on March 8th to find out who wins!

Missy’s Manor, Soul Sister Jana, Roxxie Cotton, Melissa Stripes, and more!
Missy Hyatt at the last taping announced the show with Sean Hansen and did backstage interviews. She will continue to do that this show but has demanded time for a Missy’s Manor segment. What does she have in store for this segment? Who will she interview? What will she ask? Missy is known to be wild so you never know what will happen.

Soul Sister Jana has been quite impressive without Soul Sister Latasha in matches against DellaMorte, Cotton, and Nikki Roxx. Will she continue to impress? Roxxie Cotton was defeated by Jana and attacked by Mercedes Martinez at the last tapings. The Shopping fanatic is determined to get her first victory at the upcoming show. Will she get it or will the losing ways continue? Melissa Stripes returned for the first time to compete in Alicia’s final match. She was defeated early on but showed she is ready and back in action! She is ready to come back to WSU full time and show why she was highly regarded before she took a break from wrestling. Will there any be ring rust or will Stripes high fly her way to victories? Don’t forget Sean Hansen with Missy Hyatt doing your announcing, Foxxy Foxxy your referee, Destiny your ring announcer, and much more on Saturday March 8th! You never know what will happen in WSU!

To recap here is what we’ve announced so far:

-No Holds Barred, There Must Be A Winner
Amy Lee & Missy Sampson vs. Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez

-Grudge Match
Alexa Thatcher vs. Becky Bayless

-Awesome Kong vs. ???

-Angelina Love vs. Annie Social
-Nikki Roxx vs. Cindy Rogers

All this and much much more!!!!

Get your tickets now at! Don’t forget to check out previous DVD releases, and other WSU merchandise at
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WSU 3/8: PWU Womens Champ AMY LEE vs AWESOME KONG!!!!!!
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